Severely Injured Worker Sues Tesla for Unsafe Work Conditions

Son Nguyen was working as a contractor at the Fremont, California, factory on June 5, 2017, when an explosion called an arc flash threw him back 15 to 20 feet and engulfed him in flames.

As mentioned in Reveal News, Nguyen is suing the automaker for allegedly putting him in harm’s way “in order to increase productivity at the expense of human lives.” Nguyen’s lawsuit states Tesla should have cut electricity to the equipment he was working on, but refused to because the company did not want to temporarily stop production.

Nearly a year later, he is in constant pain from severe burns. He is covered in scars and skin grafts, his pinky finger amputated, a compression garment covering him from head to knees. Nerve pain, which he says feels like “thousands of pins and needles poking you,” keeps him up at night. He struggles with basic tasks and dreads the surgeries to come.

The suit says, Tesla made Nguyen work on energized equipment “with the knowledge of the probable dangerous consequences of prioritizing production numbers over the safety of workers in order to meet (Tesla’s) aggressive production schedule.”

The suit asks for punitive damages because it says Tesla acted in “conscious disregard for the rights and safety of others.”

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